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Author Topic: Do Einstein'Laws Prove Ghosts Exist.....  (Read 3662 times)

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Re: Do Einstein'Laws Prove Ghosts Exist.....
« Reply #20 on: November 14, 2011, 09:42:16 PM »
Gotcha...we all have days like that.  :-\

I'll be on later. Nice to see my absence didn'ty matter as much.

Yep, MMC hasn't been around much either.

Was he here this morning? Didn't he mention he some stuff to take care of?

No, he just suddenly logged out without saying anything. He's been doing that more and more.  :-\
Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. -Eisenhower


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