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Author Topic: How Do You Feel About Thanksgiving and What's On The Menu?  (Read 3317 times)

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Re: How Do You Feel About Thanksgiving and What's On The Menu?
« Reply #10 on: November 21, 2011, 12:24:09 PM »
Oh jeez, I would never be able to handle my family without booze. Sorry bud :(

What about inviting them all over to your house for Thanksgiving?

we're going out this year and of course it somewhere down by them but I was thinking about doing that a lot from now on. I don't mind cooking. In fact, I enjoy it. I'd love have people over so I don't have to do jack.

Good. I also like cooking because I keep plenty of booze in the kitchen :D

I'd much rather cook than have to drive back and forth. That blows.
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Re: How Do You Feel About Thanksgiving and What's On The Menu?
« Reply #11 on: November 21, 2011, 04:08:51 PM »
Thanksgiving for myself and my family has sucked for the last 3 years. My Grams died on Thanksgiving Day. The first year my Mother couldnt even deal it. Nor Could I really. She stayed home and back then my brother was living with her.

We are a small family now. Most of the WWII Generation have died off. My wife lost her mother and father in late 97 and early 98. Has two brothers. One who she has not seen in 15 yrs nor has her younger brother. They have one Aunt and a Cousin who have no contact with them. My wifes younger brother works in the same school district as she does as a para-professional. He also teaches Violin and Violla and Piano. Each year he comes to our house. Eats and leaves after desert.

Ever since my kids were little 4 and 6 we have always held the day at my house or my Grandmothers when she could no longer travel. My family will be my brother and my one son. My wifes one son. This will mark the second year without my oldest son for Thanksgiving. As he is not speaking to me. But at least I know he is going to his mothers. As is my youngest. But he will return around 6 pm that day. We really do not have any other members. Couple of cousins and my Mothers sister. All who live out of state. Last year was our first all together. We ate early at 3pm. My mother and brother left at 7. My stepson cooked last years and he is this year. He is the one studying to be a chef or open his own restaurant. That will be one of our highlights.

This year as some of you may know I have been dealing with the issue of my Mother and her Cancer. Which now she will not be able to be with us. But we will be with her at the hosiptal. Even though there will be no food for her. We plan on going up there and spending time with her. So I will not be in the rountine of watching football. We will eat early like we usually do. Around 3pm. Then its off to the hospital. Visit there for awhile. Then I will have to get back home and crash. Get up and go to work at 130-2am.

Oh yeah.....I forgot I always have to work on holidays. So truthfully I havent been in the spirit of holidays for the last 6yrs. Not even Christmas. The World of Print does not stop. Might get out early. Bout it. Kids are grown now too. So its not like when having little ones.

My wife loves Christmas. Decorates the Whole house. Lights for every window and patio doors around the edging of the house and garage. Figures in the Yard. Big light bulbs on the porches. Insides she does every door frame and under and over the kitchen cabinents. Its her one day. Plus her BD is the 29th. My youngest sons is the 1st. So DECEMBER SUCKS. For me that is! Hell my ex's was even on the 18th.

I use to get into Decorating for Halloween. As one could do a whole lot more. But then my ex kept like 5k worth of the stuff I had and ever since then I haven't never decorated the house up again.

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