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Author Topic: Israel vs Iran.....  (Read 8399 times)

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Re: Israel vs Iran.....
« Reply #90 on: November 16, 2011, 04:46:07 AM »
Iran's leaders are the problem, not the people in fact the younger generations in Iran hate the elders, [those who still rule with the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's regime (his son's in power now with Ahmadinejad) in which a theocracy has been in place the Shah of Iran's exile in 1979]. Russia's not going to defend Iran, they have no reason to neither does Japan. Israel can handle itself, Netanyahu is tough, he's not going to put up with any crap from Iran or let President Obama tell him what to do either.
The US NAVY are still monitoring PERSIAN GULF (we always have been since the GULF WAR).The NEWS just says all this to get you to watch it, RATINGS it doesn't matter if it's true or it panics people they just want you to watch. Ahmadinejad is a mouthpiece, he can't do ANYTHING without consent of the Ayatollah or the Clerics who run the country. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not going to wait for something to happen though and that's why they're preparing for trouble as a precautionary measure based on Iran's attitude towards them in the past/present (IRAN FOUNDED the HEZBOLLAH in LIBYA and SUPPORTS HAMAS, which have BOTH been doing suicide attacks on Israel since 1982.)
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